This page describes one of Call Of Duty Wiki's policies and guidelines
All users are expected to follow policy, except where it would damage the wiki.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

Clan Pages are pages made by users that are not a part of the general wiki namespace. Therefore, they are not always governed by the same rules. Although, there are some exceptions and rules, even on the clan pages.

If you are not part of theclan, you are not allowed to edit the information on another clan page unless stated otherwise by the creator. You are allowed to fix typos, formatting errors and the like. We have seen a few "clan" wars in which opposing clans posted nonsense on eachother's pages. Resulting in a lot of bans and other nonsense like that. We don't want that to happen. Refrain from editing other clans. An obvious exception to this are the admins, they are allowed to delete information that is not in compliance with the rules and other things like that.

Swearing and cussing is allowed on clan pages, although not if it is insulting towards other users, a general group of people, a specific individual, etc. You are allowed to say the following.

"We're fucking awesome!"

"This is the fucking shit"

"Badass motherfuckers like us don't take no shit from dumbass assholes"

Nothing is directed towards other people directly, and is therefore fine (although crude and vulgar)

It is NOT okay to post racist slurs, insult people, or be otherwise hurtful.

Last but not least, pornographic material is not allowed in the slightest on such pages. Remember, the wiki is for all ages. The uploader will be found and blocked.

Abide by these rules, and you'll be fine. If something bad happens to your page, someone vandalises it, etc. Tell an administrator. They will sort out your problem.