This page describes one of Call Of Duty Wiki's policies and guidelines
All users are expected to follow policy, except where it would damage the wiki.
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Trivia sections are allowed on all pages. However, there are rules for what is and is not trivia.

Also, trivia may never be more than three sentences long.

The following is considered as trivia:

  • Oddities - For instance "As John "Soap" MacTavish attempts to open a locked door, he does not kick in the door, but the cell door still opens, implying the cell door has no lock."
  • Errors - For instance, "when teslaraptor has the desert eagle equipped during the cutscene in the mission "End of Humanity," he will take it out of his holster as he will all other guns, but a duplicate will remain in the holster."
  • Glitches - If there is more than one glitch mentioned in an article, the section "Glitches" with a detailed description must be added. This section should be a description, not a tutorial.

The following is not considered to be trivia:

  • References - References to outside media are not allowed. For instance, references such as "this weapon was used in The Wild Bunch to kill five cowboys in three seconds" are not allowed, as such has nothing to do with the Call Of Duty series.