Modern Warfare 3

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CoD:MW3 is the sequel to MW2. It features Survival mode, similar to the Zombies mode. It has a campaign and Multi-player (online Wi-Fi) too. The game has no zombie mode like the whole MW series. It does have lots of perks and game types, including the classic Team Death Match.


The multi-player mode has a load of game types, Perks, Killstreaks, and death sreak perks, guns and Melee weapons; Including the Riot Sheild. This is good for players with need for constant action and gameplay. This does require internet to play with non-local players.

Survival ModeEdit

Like Zombies, in this mode you must survive as many Waves as possible. Enemys include: Dogs, Infentry, Choppers, and more. You have Point Cash when killing or hurting a enemy. You can buy: Guns, Explosives,and Perks. The game has a solo mode and a Co-op mode like zombies as well. There is no such thing as pack-a-punch here either. Also there is no windows to hold the enemy back and to make things worse, they have guns too. Good luck.

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