The Counter-Spy Plane or Counter-UAV Drone. Is a killsteak on CoD:MW3 and CoD:BO. It when used disruts all enemy radar for 30 seconds. It overpowers the Spy Plane meaning using it while a CSP (Counter-Spy Plane) is up is usless. It can be destoyed with rockets and bullets. Also overpowers Black Birds. 4 kills will earn you this. On MW3 5 kills earns the player this.


  • Dont use much when on Harcore modes
  • Have a Sniper or Missile standing by
  • Use when the enemy just used a Spy Plane
  • Use when making an excape
  • Use when a Black Bird is up

Simalar itemsEdit

  • The Jammer is the only item with he same ablity as the CSP, but instead has a radius.


With this perk it takes 3 kills insead of 4 to get it. Or 4 instead of 5 inn MW3.