Mystery Box

The mystery box in the "dressing room" in Kino Der Toten

Mystery Box

"It's still a mystrey" Edit

-Stevenator Sand

The mystery box is a box that once bought will give you a random weapon for $950. The chances of getting a good weapon is about 50/50. Expecialy if your being chased by the undead at the time. You can get many different types or guns in including the Ray Gun. Once used to much it will show a teddy bear instead of a weapon. You get a $950 refund and the box leaves and goes to a new room in the map. On the ipod Version it dosnt do this. Also in Natcht Der Untoten it does not move to a new room.

Fire SaleEdit

This is the one of two power-ups, that spawns the box in ALL rooms and costs $10. Like all power-ups it lasts for a short time. This item only appers once the box has left at least one room.