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A ray gun drawing. Ray guns are seen in CoD:Black Ops Zombies, and CoD world at War for PS3 or Xbox360.


This upgraded weapon is useful. It has 40 shots per clip instead of 20 and does alot more damage to the undead. REMIMBER:! DO NOT shoot too close to your self. It hurts you too. Use it wisely if possible.

"I Got the Ray Gun!"-Stevenator Sand


  1. Wieght-Light
  2. Ammo-40
  3. Ammo Reserve-200
  4. Damage-High
  5. Range-Unlimited
  6. Reload Rate- Med-Slow
  7. Fire rate- Slow
  8. Splash Damage- ON
  9. it is named after a person who helped invent the ray gun same as wave gun paped