Quick revive

Tastes like... fermented herring dipped in cat piss... blaugh.

–Tank Dempsey

Quick Rivive SodaEdit

The Quick Rivive is on most of the Waw Maps and the Black Ops Maps. It costs $1500 points to buy this quickster item. It will help you and only you (unless another person has it too) to revive your teamates Twice as fast. Helps when the is a hoard of Zombies behind you and you need to help him up or he'll die. This is a good item at a cheap price. This Perk Is Always in the very first room when you spawn. The only map that it isn't like this is Moon.


On solo you can buy this for $500 without turning the power on. It disapears after three uses and never ever spawns again. (Unless you restart the match or lose). When down you will be given the Mustang & Sally.unless you have another handgun of some sort. In about 10 seconds you will be back on your feet.

Good CombosEdit