A ray gun drawing. Ray guns are seen in CoD:Black Ops Zombies, and CoD world at War for PS3 or Xbox360.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is a strong Weapon. It is commonly found in Call Of Duty Black Ops or In CoD WaW. The only way to get the great weaopn is by the " Mystery Box" in the Zombies_game_Mode.

Waw Easter EggEdit

Only on World at war (WaW) are you able to get this without playing in Zombies. You must enter Single Player and go to the second mission. Find a hole formed by an explosive and wait. After a minute some rods will come out of the ground. Walk up to it and Ta-Da! You have a super strong weapon! (only works on mission 2).


Ray Gun

Black Ops

Power High
Fire Speed Slow
Range Unlimited
Reload Speed slow
Capacity 20/160
Weight Light
Level/Cost None
Users Any
Category Wonder Weapons