Samantha Maxis
Samantha Maxis
Game Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nickname(s) Sam
Gender Female
Affiliations Dr. Maxis (Father)

Fluffy (Dog)

Weapon Any weapon available in Moon


Next time I find you you're grounded!

Tank Dempsey

Samantha Maxis is a character from Call of Duty World at War and Call Of Duty Black Ops. She is one of three females in the game. She is heard in two radio messages on Der Reise and is the daughter of Ludwig Maxis. Maxis' assistant (Richtofen) locks them both in the room with Samantha's dog Fluffy, (who was turned into a zombie dog by a wave of Element 115), who is said by Maxis in the radio to be pregnant, (that is where the Hellhounds come from). Edward then uses the teleporter while Samantha, Maxis, and the Hellhound are still inside the room. Maxis, Samantha, and Fluffy, are then transported to different places. Samantha was teleported to the German Moon base. Samantha was not only brought to the German Moon base, but she was put inside a chriogenic sleep chamber. Although her body was asleep, her mind was still very, awake. The machine gave her control of the 115 in the zombies, which in turn gave her control of the zombies themselves. But back on earth, Richtofen's rouge activation of the teleporter had caused the zombies to escape and kill all of group 935. Also, there is a radio on Der Reise containing Maxis' final testament. After all the scientists are killed Samantha takes control of the zombies to build an army to destroy Richtofen for her revenge.

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When the Teddy Bear appears in the Mysetry Box, a young child's laugh is heard (as well as a more demonic one) and the overvoice of the game says "Bye, bye". In one radio message it is revealed that Samantha and Dr. Maxis were locked inside a teleporter room (Z-C) by Richtofen with Fluffy, Samantha's pregnant, recently zombiefied dog. Samantha was teleported to Griffin Base on the moon where she was put into a device recently discovered directly under the moons surface. The device put her body to cyrogenic sleep but her mind was aware as originally intended. The device gave Samantha the ability to control the zombies which before were uncontrollable. Samantha used the zombies to kill Group 935 and anyone who stood in her way. Soon there was only Richtofen which Samantha tried to kill until her soul was put into Richtofen's body and Richtofen won control of the zombies.

The Cymbal Monkey used to be her toy. On rare occasions you will hear the monkey bomb say "You're not Sam!!"